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Human Resources isn’t easy

As a HR manager you have got to manage absence, personal development, payroll, reward and recognition and countless other responsibilities. HR and employee recognition has become a struggle, a balancing act, and it isn’t your fault. It’s happening everywhere. The pace of today’s world has left many in human resources feeling desperate.

No doubt you’ve come up against a complex task before, and thought, ‘there must be an easier way!’. Perhaps you even ran into a similar scenario today.

In these moments, you needed an efficient, all-in-one solution that would solve your problem and allow you to outperform the majority of HR teams out there, who still happen to be using outdated tech and processes. 

A solution that would not only make your life easier, but would help you get better results from your work.

Incredibly, this solution didn’t exist. So we built it. 

It’s called WORKPLACEone, and it’s your team’s secret weapon for company success.

Built with you in mind

The team at People Care built WORKPLACEone from the ground up to simplify your role and help you organise and automate over 15 different HR tasks, from anywhere with internet access, on any device.

And it doesn’t end there. When you bring WORKPLACEone to your team, you also bring us. 

We’re here to solve any technical issues whatsoever, to ensure WORKPLACEone remains your perfect HR solution.

No longer will you search frantically for that all-important document, it’s on WORKPLACEone, in a simple database with an easy organisational structure that you control.

No longer will team communication be an issue, it’s on WORKPLACEone, in our ‘Communicator’ module, your own corporate communication space.

No longer will you struggle with rewarding and recognising your team, it’s on WORKPLACEone, in an integrated module that delivers great rewards in a powerful and meaningful way.

We’ll happily talk about WORKPLACEone all day, but we’d rather just show you firsthand. 

Sign up for a demo below and find out how you can take your team to the next level.

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The People Care Team

The management team at People Care has had many years of experience working with busy HR teams, witnessing at first hand how the demands on key HR personnel have increased over time.

Often working with limited resources, HR departments have a critical need for effective technology; automating burdensome administration tasks is a pre-requisite.  A good HR Management System can deliver massive efficiencies for both employers and employees.

People Care provides a rounded and robust HR solution to employers, delivering the economies and benefits associated with cloud based technology, coupled with traditional HR consultancy.

We truly believe in helping your business grow by streamlining your HR administration process, saving you time and money.